About Us

Sparing is caring. You deserve personal care products without any dirty secrets. That’s why Native makes daily staples like deodorant, body wash, soap, shampoo, and toothpaste that are good, clean, fun, and cruelty free.

How it Started

When Native founder Moiz Ali randomly checked out the ingredient label on his antiperspirant, he couldn’t have known that it would be a pivotal moment in his life. What began as a curiosity about aluminum turned into a mission to make clean deodorant that could go head to head—err, pit to pit—with antiperspirants. From the beginning, Native has been committed to sweating the small stuff: from regularly reformulating products based on customer feedback, to the simple ingredients that define every product in the lineup today. 

How it's Going

You can bet your body wash that every person on our team adheres to the degree of care and commitment established in our earliest days. We tell you all of this not (just) to humble brag, but to let you know that no matter how much we grow, you can count on us staying true to those bare essential values that Native was built on. We’ve got skin in the game because you do too.

Environmental Impact

Plastic doesn’t make perfect, and we’re doing our part to help. Reducing our environmental impact is nuanced, difficult, and important work—and while we can’t promise to get it right every time, we can promise to be upfront and honest about our efforts. If you’ve ever read one of our ingredient labels you know transparency is sort of our thing.